Clan Vechiare carved out a warren deep within Karak Azgal. From there, they strike out on hit-and-run missions to scavenge for supplies, capture prisoners to be sacrificed to their patron god the Horned Rat or to attack their archenemies, Clan Skreet. An ancient Grey Seer named Farquan rules the clan. His devotion to the Horned Rat is fanatical and he constantly sacrifices captured prisoners to appease the god and maintain its favour. Although devoted to the Horned Rat, Farquan hates the Warlock Skreet and their abominable clan, and so he devotes his efforts to their eradication.[1a]

The clan hid their lair well using cleverly concealed passageways and shaft ways, making it difficult for the casual spelunker to find. All of the passages are natural formations or have been carved from the rock by the Skaven themselves. They have also constructed small tunnels linking various passages and caverns throughout their warren. These passages are only about two feet high and wide making them difficult for creatures other than Skaven to get through. The Skaven use these to encircle their enemies and catch them by surprise.[1a]


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