Banner of Clan Skurvy.

Clan Skurvy is a Warlord Clan best known for being a bunch of mangy cutthroats and many bear the scars of their trade, including lost eyes and limbs. Clan Skurvy controls the largest of all the Skaven Clanfleets, having gnawed out the cavern-harbour known as Spineport. From here the clan's ramshackle fleet reaps a fortune (and no small amount of dread repute) from piracy, much of which is spent on buying and press-ganging replacement slaves to replenish the fleet's short-lived crew.[1a]

Clan Skurvy's spoils are also supplemented by salvaging rocks off the coast of the Isle of Sirens, bounty that is hauled back to the clan's secret lair beneath the Tilean city of Tobaro. On board a clanship, every Skaven is a suspect of mutiny, which is just as well as they are all planning to do it sooner or later. No clawcaptain keeps command for long unless he is utterly ruthless, and those that lapse for even a moment tend to "fall" overboard or "accidentally" walk the plank. Because mutiny is so rampant, the clawpacks that serve in Clan Skurvy tend to adopt the icons of their ship rather than those of any particular clawcaptain. Variations of the Rat-skull and crossed-bones are common motifs.[1a] Ships of Clan Skurvy such as The Clanship Bubonic, Black Pox and The Teeth of Spineport have been plaguing the seas for many decades.[1b]

Notable Members

  • Skretch Half-Dead  — Once the foremost clawcaptain of the Skaven fleet, now a servant of Count Noctilus and captain of the Skabrus


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