Warhammer Clan Skully

Emblem of Clan Skully

Clan Skully is a Thrall Clan which swore fealty to Clan Eshin, their warriors having been known to emulate the agents of Clan Eshin, but their use of clunky armor as they move and their red cloaks stand them out a mile away.[1a]

During the era of the Black Plague, Clan Skully held a seat in the Council of Thirteen. Bitter rivals to Eshin, Clan Skully operated as assassins for hire, often working against Skaven that held a contract with Eshin. [2a]

Clan Skully operated from Araby, specializing in the assassination techniques of the desert people instead of the techniques of Eshin that were drawn from the traditions of Cathay and Nippon. [2a] Their leader was only known as the “Old Rat under the Mountain”. [3a]


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