Clan Skrapp

Banner of Clan Skrapp

Clan Skrapp are poor even by the standards of the Under-Empire. They dwell deep below the Putrid Swamp and nowhere in the Under-Empire can more squalid dwellings be found. Their fur is mangy and bare in patches, and they are clothed in a patchwork of tattered rags. Armour is scarce and weaponry is rusty to the point of falling apart. That Clan Skrapp has not been challenged and conquered by a rival clan is a credit to the campaign of disinformation and propaganda spread by bribed Clan Eshin agents. Clan Skrapp proclaims itself to be favoured by the Horned Rat and dubious rumours persist in the Under-Empire that the clan can hustle an entire army of Grey Seers. The warriors of Clan Skrapp even daub themselves in white streaks of paint and bat droppings and fasten horns onto their helmets and fur in order to promote the façade and mimic the appearance of the feared Skaven seers. Many rivals suspect Clan Skrapp to be either self-deluded or else completely mad, but few seem willing to risk open combat on the off-chance that their outrageous claims about the size, strength and power of their forces are true.[1a]


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