Clan Scruten

Banner of Clan Scruten.

Wishing to establish a secret army, Seerlord Kritislik, leader of the Grey Seers and lord of the Council of Thirteen, led Clan Scruten away from the battles in Skavenblight and established major warrens hidden in the Cursed Marshes. Over time this lair has grown, and now extends beneath the city of Marienburg. Whites and grays are common amongst the ragged robes of Clan Scruten, interspersed with scraps of reds, blues and yellows salvaged from the city above. These brightly coloured cloths are also tied to belts, banners and weapons as trophies, and defaced Marienburg shields can often be seen strewn amongst the rank and file. Clan Scruten's mysterious patron has granted them much wealth, so much in fact that the other members of the council have become suspicious. The Seerlord vehemently denies that Clan Scruten receive any special favours and insists that the unusually high number of expensive weapons and Grey Seers amidst their ranks, as well as the common occurrence of Kritislik's own personal rune amongst the clan's iconography, is pure coincidence.[1a]

The Stormvermin of Clan Scruten have white fur, but whether these are actual members of the Albino Council Guard or simply arrogant Skaven who have dyed their fur is uncertain.[1b]

In the year 2523 IC, after the death of Kritislik, Grey Seer Kranskritt led a vast army of Skaven to Karak Eight Peaks. Apparently acting under the orders of Lord Gnawdwell, Kranskritt was actually the unwilling catspaw of the Verminlord Warpseer known as Soothgnawer. The Verminlord planned to restore the fortunes of Clan Scruten, but quite why was a mystery...[2]


  • The Stormvermin of Clan Scruten


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