Warhammer Clan Rictus

Banner of Clan Rictus.

Clan Rictus, ruled by the arrogant Warlord Kratch Doomclaw, is a Warlord Clan that controls the tunnel lairs and passageways of Crookback Mountain.


Clan Rictus demands a steep toll from all those entering the Dark Lands (and twice as much again if they wish to leave it). The proximity of several Night Goblin tribes affords Clan Rictus an almost inexhaustible supply of slaves, making the clan immensely wealthy, so much in fact that its stash of warptokens rivals the treasure holds of Clan Mors: the two clans are forever scheming for a way to usurp the other's power.[1a]

Clan Rictus' warriors are all vicious and grim, but it is for their inordinate numbers of huge, jet-black furred Stormvermin, that they are rightly feared. These elite warriors are stronger and more violent than any Clanrats, and lesser Skaven go to great lengths to keep out of their way. In contrast to their dark-armoured warriors, Clan Rictus' banners tend to be white with symbols depicted in black or dark red. Unusually, Clan Rictus is not affiliated with its own distinct rune, but instead uses all manner of runic devices, made their own by the addition of jagged claw-marks.[1a]

Clan Rictus undertakes regular patrols through the Dark Lands to search for falls of Warpstone Meteors. This is very perilous as they have to move to the surface and fight off Orcs, Goblins and sometimes even Chaos Dwarfs from the north-east looking for slaves. But many Warpstone Meteors fall from Morrslieb east of the Worlds Edge Mountains and their value to the Skaven is incalculable.[2]

Notable Clan Rictus Members

  • The Deathvermin - A fearsome regiment of elite Stormvermin.


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