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Clan Mordkin was one of the many Warlord Clans to fight against the Undead legions of Nagash. They were also the last Clan to abandon Cripple Peak, holding the line against the undead for centuries. When they returned to the Under-Empire, they did so with ruthless efficiency, conquering the territory of smaller clans and wiping them out, not even taking them as slaves.[2a]

During the era of the Black Plague, Clan Mordkin held a seat on the Council of Thirteen. Waging war against the necromancer Van Hal for the possession of the Warpstone deposits in Sylvania, the Clan suffered harsh losses that caused their role in the Skaven Wars to become mainly centered on battling the undead.[2b]

Inspired by the fearsome sight of the walking dead, and wishing to intimidate any rivals, the Skaven of Clan Mordkin took to adorning themselves with the bones of their foes. Many of the Skaven dyed patches of their fur or else painted their clothing and armour white to resemble skeletons. Even the fur of the clan's Giant Rats and Rat Ogres are dyed to give them a more deathly appearance. To this day, the Skaven of Clan Mordkin remain obsessed with death. They are instantly recognisable for their fearsome appearance and they still frequently incorporate bones and skulls into their armour. Shields, banners and totems are likewise adorned and many of the clan's warriors carry daggers carved from bone.[1a]

Many Chieftains and Stormvermin of Clan Mordkin wear a helmet made from the skull of a Giant Rat or even a Rat Ogre. Both the image of a bleached Skaven-skull and the Rune of the Great Horned Rat constructed from gnawed thigh-bones are common symbols of Clan Mordkin.[1a][1b]

Clan Mordkin is a fervent believer in the Horned Rat. They also believe that gnawing on the bones of His prophets allows them to gain greater insights into His designs, so the Grey Seers distrust them and mainly use them to dispose rivals.[2a]

The End Times

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Clan Mordkin was eradicated by Mannfred von Carstein in his quest to gather the artifacts of the Great Necromancer. He acquired the Fellblade from the corpse of Warlord Feskit after penetrating the Skullreach Cavern where Clan Mordkin had made its lair.[3a]


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