Although no one realised it at the time, something momentous happened seven years ago. That year the Greenthistle Clan of Halflings moved to Bögenhafen from Altdorf. Although they claimed they had come to town because of the "fantastic pie-related opportunities," the truth was the notorious Rumster Clan ran them out of Altdorf.[1a]

Shortly after they came to town, they bought a storefront and sold meat pies to dock workers. It took several years but eventually the Greenthistles opened two more pie shops and established themselves as a significant presence in Bögenhafen. Part of their success stemmed from their involvement with the local Thieves' Guild to which they proved themselves time and again with clever burglaries and confidence schemes.[1a]

Three years ago, the Greenthistles betrayed the leadership of the Thieves' Guild and had them arrested by the watch. In the vacuum created, the Halflings took over the guild. Meanwhile, the town council, self-satisfied, believed they had finally smashed the troublesome Thieves' Guild. They had no idea the guild had new leaders or that the new bosses outshone the old in guile and cunning. But while the Thieves' Guild gave the Greenthistles influence, it did not give them political power or respectability. That alone rested within the Merchants' Guild, as it had ever done in Bögenhafen.[1a]

So it was that Matchwicke, the head of the Greenthistle Clan, came up with a cunning plan. He set his sights on a seat on the council but not just any seat. He wanted the Teugen seat and he wanted the Greenthistle Clan elevated to become the fourth major merchant family of Bögenhafen. Needless to say, the Haagen, Ruggbroder, and Steinhäger families would never agree to such a thing. Unless, of course, they had no other choice...[1a]

Known Members


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