Clan Ektrik

Banner of Clan Ektrik

Clan Ektrik's addiction to lightning has made them the thralls of Clan Skryre, for nowhere else can Ektrik's Warlords get their claws on the much-treasured Doomwheels and Warp-Lightning Cannons. Clan Ektrik dwell in Foul Peak, where a vast array of machinery, connected to arcane lightning conductors atop the mountain's summit, hangs from the lair's ceiling. A horde of Warlock-Engineers tend to this array, harnessing the power of the storm-wracked skies, but to what diabolical purpose none can guess, and they will not tell. The air hums with electricity and frequent 'accidental' electrocutions keep Clan Ektrik's life expectancy well below the Skaven average. With so many Warlock-Engineers in their ranks, Clan Ektrik's weapons are forever being tinkered with. When Clan Ektrik march to war they do so with a dizzying assortment of upgrades, from electro-prods capable of stunning a Troll, to Warpfire ratbombs and part-mechanical Rat Ogres with Ratling Guns for arms.[1a]

The Skaven of Clan Ektrik are recognisable for their conductive bronze armour and their static-charged fur that always stands on end. Their armour, shields and weapons are adorned with jagged lightning bolt symbols, and the clan's runes are scrawled in a similar style.[1b]


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