Warhammer Clan Carrion

Banner of Clan Carrion

Clan Carrion is a Warlord Clan best known for being the best scavengers in all of Skavendom. Clan Carrion have no permanent settlement. Instead they travel from battlefield to battlefield in search of the richest salvage, carrying heaped spoils upon their backs. Clan Carrion's banners and clothing and a patchwork of scraps and their warriors are armed with a hodgepodge of weaponry, shields and cobbled-together pieces of armour.[1a]

Nothing is ever wasted and that which can't be used directly is traded. The Skaven of Clan Carrion make sure that their most valuable items, such as Giant Rats (a valuable source of protein) and Clan Skryre weaponry are painted in vivid, bright colours such that they can be more easily found amongst the post-battle detritus. Clan Carrion firmly believe in 'finder's keepers' and they will scurry away with anything of value if its owner happens to be looking in the wrong direction. Indeed, the Skaven of Clan Carrion are such prolific thieves that they only truly own what they can firmly clasp with their own claws.[1a] Because the Skaven of Clan Carrion are such successful scavengers, their warriors tend to have plenty of spare knives stuffed into belts.[1b]


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