Clan Barruk

After the fall of Karak Drazh, Clan Barruk (the Gold Shields) established their own small hold to the north of Karag Dron. Long a destitute clan, they finally came into their own when their mines yielded rich veins of superlative gold. Naturally, wealth brought raiding armies of Ogres and Greenskins, but behind shieldwalls of rune-imbued gold, Clan Barruk proved impossible to break, and no foe could shift the stout Dwarfs from their mountaintop home. Only when the last lode was excavated and their mine fully depleted did Clan Barruk abandon it, marching out in search of new riches. Thus, while a new source of wealth is sought, the Goldshields have seen duty fighting alongside many other holds, eager to establish their clan's good name and hoping to dampen the disparaging and contemptuous remarks about their being ‘new money’.[1a]


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