The defensive bastion of Praag, known simply as the Citadel, is an imposing fortress across the river. Its lead-lined, rune-scored defences bear countless scars of war, but the structure remained solid. Its cannons still function with loud and terrible force, and pulks still barrack within its walls. Its stone exterior is carved with bestial gargoyles to match the gate opposite, adding to its grim appearance. Perched up so high, it casts a dark shadow over the streets and provides visitors with all the evidence they need that Praag is a haunted city.[1a]

Beneath the Citadel is the Square of Kisses, where the armies assemble. It is still used for this purpose but only during the day, for at night, it rings with the maddening screams of the thousands of men who died there when the north gate fell.[1a]

This supernatural phenomenon has the added benefit of deterring soldiers from leaving the fortress to seek out kvas and women across the river. Many songs have been written about brave young esauls dashing for the Empty Bridge to see their paramours on the other side. Like most Kislevite songs, they do not have a happy ending.[1a]

The Citadel has many uses beyond just defence. During the Great War, it was the default palace for the boyars, and with the destruction of the Fire Spire, it became an impromptu residence for the ice witches and other mages. To this day, its towers maintain this functionality, so one may pass through a soldier’s barracks, a stately bedroom, and an icy laboratory while ascending a single staircase. Finally, the Citadel also functions as a Watch House. Soldiers serve as watchmen for a season at a time. However, the soldiers are mostly southerners, installed to quell rebellion, as well as protect the city. As such, they are not respected by the townsfolk, nor do they take their roles as watchmen seriously.[1a]


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