Warhammer Lustria Citadel of Dusk

Map of the Citadel of Dusk.

The Citadel of Dusk is a High Elf settlement located at the southernmost tip of Lustria. This High Elf garrison-port was built in the ninety-seventh year of the reign of the Phoenix King Morvael. Though the graceful structure is of Elven manufacture, it is constructed upon the site of a far older place of power. Though surely unaware of the fact, the High Elves, in occupying and defending the ancient site, are maintaining an important nexus point in the Great Warding.[1a]

The High Elves of Ulthuan maintain a number of similar garrison-ports across the entire globe. How many of these are active parts of the Great Warding is unknown to the Mage-Priests of Lustria, though undoubtedly each is a site of enormous magical power.[1a]

The Citadel is invisible to all save those who serve within its walls.[2a] The port is home to a large Elven fleet, and it is used as a base from which the Elves patrol the southern reaches of the Great Ocean and the seas beyond the Turtle Isles. From there it is said they control trade routes stretching as far as the distant islands of Nippon.[3a] The fortress' garrison bear banners the colour of the night sky.[2a]


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