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The Circle of Blades is a form of duel fought between two Elves, usually to the death. To withdraw from it, for any reason, forces the given elf to a temporary exile from their home city for a number of years. According to some, it is quite common for withdraws to take place among the aristocracy, though to do so is to lose face amongst one's peers.[1a]

The duel is named so for its requiring of thirty armed retainers from each participant to make up the circle, totaling sixty in all. This also includes both of the protagonists having a pair of seconds to ensure the quarrel is settled amicably before joining the circle with the others. When the duel begins, these sixty retainers present their blades, points towards the centre, the duel thereby taking place within a ring of sharp steel. All gaps are closed. The warriors are required to strike down any contestant who tries to flee from the battle. Meanwhile, the combatants must strip to the waist, present their swords, and do battle.[1b]


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