The Kingdom of Chrace was once a relatively empty and peaceful region of Ulthuan, occupied only by those who sought to escape the civilized realms and return to nature. Now, Chrace exists in a state of permanent war, for it is the main route through which the Dark Elves seek access to the Inner Lands.


Chrace's settlements are fortified, its glades ring to the sound of sword upon steel, and its populace lives ever under the shadow of battle. The once-wondrous forests have become perilous, for Dark Magic has scoured the land, corrupting ancient groves and giving birth to monstrous creatures.[1a]

The hunters of Chrace maintain a constant watch on the passes through their lands. When the Dark Elves are spied, reinforcements are immediately called for. Meanwhile, the Chracian archer and spearmen regiments employ every trick of ambush and forestcraft to hinder and destroy the trespassers. Thus has many an invading army of Dark Elves simply been swallowed up whilst campaigning in Chrace, with no tale of its fate ever reaching their twisted homeland.[1a]

The mountains of Chrace are the home of the fearsome white lions. To be counted as a real hunter, an Elf of Chrace must kill one of these regal creatures single-handed, or else tame it to his service. Neither task is an easy one, for the lions are intelligent and canny beasts, making the contest one of wits, as well as strength. The white lion also gives its name to the legendary regiments in the service of the Phoenix Throne: the White Lions, carefully selected warriors who guard the Phoenix King in battle.[1a]

Chrace is a mountainous and forested region. The inhabitants are all renowned as skilled hunters. Warriors, not just the White Lions, often wear furs and animal pelts over their armour as cloaks or decorative collars.[2a]

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  • Concept art of Chrace from Warhammer: Age of Reckoning


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