"Most bizarre of monsters is the dreaded Chimerae; it's body is a size of a house, and has wicked claws longer than daggers. It's tail lashes like an iron whip, and it's huge leathery wings carry it through the air. This loathsome creature has three heads. One of them is horned, like a head of a ram; the other is like that of a vast lion; the third head is the most frightening of all. It is that of a scaled dragon, and it belches forth noxious smoke and scorching fire."
From Grimoire Beterricus[3a]

A Chimera on the hunt

The three-headed Chimerae, or Chimera, is one of the most fearsome of all Children of Chaos, a beast whose progenitors were so warped that it is now impossible to say what manner of creatures they might once have been.


Like all monsters that dwell in or near to the Realm of Chaos, the Chimerae take many bizarre shapes. However, Chimerae are more susceptible than most monsters to the twisting power of Chaos. The heads of some Chimerae breathe fire in the manner of Dragons, whilst others sprout razor-sharp fangs or jaws that drip with a poisonous slime.[1a][2a]

Most Chimerae possess a fiendish tail that ends in a snapping maw possessed of an intelligence and hunger of its own. There are even some Chimerae, like those that dwell among the spires of the Bloodshriek Citadel, that are said to have bathed in the coruscating Winds of Magic at the summit of the world. The skin of these Bloodshriek Chimerae is an ever-shifting pattern of bright colours and hues, turning translucent one moment before running like molten wax to cover and heal the rips and gashes in its tainted flesh the next. Regardless of their exact form, all Chimerae share a savage and unpredictable nature, and wherever their tri-throated roars are heard, death and carnage are surely not far behind.[1a][2a]

A particularly powerful Chaos Lord, or an insanely brave Sorcerer, may sometimes try to bind a Chimera to his service, for the sheer carnage they can wreak upon the battlefield is a spectacle bound to attract the attention of the Dark Gods. It is said that only those truly favoured by Chaos will have any hope of binding such a creature to their will, and a champion may spend a lifetime searching for a Chimera, and never succeed, or else find his prize and be torn apart by it moments later. However, those few who succeed in their quest have at their disposal a monstrous creature of unbridled destructive potential.[1a][2a]


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