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The story of the Children of Ulric is a very old tale that priests of Ulric never mention in their sermons, but that has lived long around the hearths of the peasants of the Empire.[1a]

The legend has it that long ago, when the world was young, Ulric raced through the northern woods hunting. He could not describe what prey he sought after, only that he knew he must claim it as his own. [1a]

The story is long in the telling, for it is meant to pass a long night, but Ulric, after learning more than a few cautionary lessons along the way, found what he sought in the person of Birgit, a fierce Northern maid that he took as his lover.[1a]

They were happy for a brief time but then she died bearing Ulric's child and his howls of grief still ring on the northern wind. Their son was the first of the Werecreatures or the "Were" in the tongue of the Northmen, those who can walk as both wolf and man.[1a]

According to Alexei Dronal, a Knight of the White Wolf, this tale might carry the echo of truth.[1a]


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