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The Cherusen are an ancient war-like tribe of Human barbarians populating the lands of what is today Hochland, and as such the Cherusen are the direct ancestors of the modern day Hochlander. Like many other tribes, the Cherusen came into the lands of the Empire in -1000 IC and settled within the lands between the River Stir and River Talabec.[1a] Having mingled for some time with the Taleutens of Talabecland, the tribe eventually left the lands of the Great Forest and migrated to a small area near the Middle Mountains. Amidst verdant woods filled by game, these people have found the home they've always wanted. Less warlike than their neighbours, they contented themselves on hunting, fishing, and singing praises to Taal and Rhya.[1b]

When other Human tribes or warbands of Orcs and Beastmen would raid, the early Cherusen would melt back into their forest, using deadly ambush and warcraft to defeat their enemies. By the time of Sigmar, the Cherusen had become skilled scouts and skirmishers, and maintained very good relations with Sigmar's own Unberogen tribe, during the rule of his father. When the barbaric Norsii tribes began invading the lands of the Cherusens and Taleutens, King Bjorn rode forth to aid his fellow rulers against the Chaos-worshipers. Though the valiant king of the Unberogen died fighting the Norsii hosts, he had driven them back from the lands of the Cherusens, thus, King Aloysis became a fast and loyal friend to Bjorn's son, Sigmar, and contributed greatly in his wars to unite the tribes. Thus, Sigmar made Aloysis an Elector Count and the Cherusen became a proud founding member of the newly formed Emprie.[1b]


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