Most rulers have their own network of spies and informants, but none are as feared as the chekist of Kislev. The saying goes that what the chekist deem as law is the law. Simply known as the Chekist Building, the fortress-like headquarters of Kislev's feared enforcers is a grim building surrounded by a high wall with only one entrance through a heavy black gate. Beyond this gate is a bare, cobbled courtyard and an austere, windowless building of grey stone with but a single black door at its centre. Within the building lies torture and death for the enemies of the Tzarina or those that conspire to worship the Dark Gods. Armoured in distinctive black uniforms, the chekist are universally dreaded by all citizens of Kislev, for once a person enters their lair, they are known as "disappeared" and will, in all likelihood, never be seen alive again.[1a]

Beneath the building, a narrow brickwork passageway leads down to the grim dungeons; flickering lamplight illuminates walls that have seen countless miseries and now bleed those horrors into the air like a curse. Flaking paint coats the walls, and old bloodstains are splashed across the brickwork. At the end of the passageway is a solid iron door with a mesh grille set at eye level that leads into the cells. Beyond this door is a wide, straw-covered gallery that stretches off into darkness, the brick walls pierced at regular intervals by narrow doors of rusted iron; the stench of stale sweat, Human waste, and fear hangs heavy in the air. To be consigned to the dungeons of the chekist is to be condemned to a short life of misery and death.[1a]

The current gaoler is a heavyset man with thickly muscled arms, who carries a hooded lantern and a spike-tipped cudgel. His face is obscured by a black hood with brass-rimmed eyepieces fitted with clear glass and a thick canvas mouth filter. The gaoler also wears an iron breastplate, leather gauntlets stubbed with bronze spikes and heavy, hobnailed boots.[2a]


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