Chateau Hane Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Chateau Hane is a handsome, single-tower keep, octagonal in cross-section, that forms one end of a small but sturdy stone bridge over the Grismerie. It can be seen from some distance away, and many nearby villages pay fealty to its Lord. These villages are bearable by Mousillon standards, since the swamping here is good, and Aucassin is not one of the duchy's more despotic nobles. Yet, a keen-eyed traveller may notice several stakes on the far side of the river. Execution by impalement is traditional throughout Mousillon.[1a]

The Chateau is an old but well-maintained keep with an audience chamber and several private chambers around a central spiral staircase. Aucassin himself resides at the top of the tower, while his staff mostly lives in the basement. Aucassin also maintains stables nearby, for his horses and those of the small coterie of vampiric knights who serve him. Inside, the Chateau is tastefully decorated and is far more suitable for hospitality than defence. Much of the furniture, even in the guest quarters, is antique, and Aucassin's arms (three black flowers and a black fleur-de-lis on a white field) are featured prominently. Most notable of all, several exquisite tapestries hang through the Chateau. They depict stories from Mousillon's history, such as the heroic Victory of Landuin against the Undead horde (the Affair of the False Grail is notably absent from the tapestries, however). A fire always burns in the hearth, and a hearty meal is served every evening just after the sun goes down.[1a]


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