Warhammer Charnel Valley

A mighty statue of a Tomb King laying within the Charnel valley

The Charnel Valley was known long ago as the Valley of the Kings. At one entrance to the foreboding valley stands the alabaster palace of Quatar, while at the other sits the necropolis of Mahrak, the City of Decay. Throughout the Charnel Valley's entire length stand colossal statues, exquisite representations of powerful gods and mighty kings, carved from the face of the thousand-cubit high valley wall.[1a]

Few living souls dare to travel into the Charnel Valley, and none have ever returned, for these statues do not sit idly by — they constantly patrol the valley in search of trespassers, crunching the thick carpet of bones and skulls littering the valley floor to dust beneath their heavy footfalls. It is said that the greatest Necrotects of Nehekhara now reside within the Charnel Valley as they work tirelessly to re-sculpt the visages of these magnificent monuments, eroded by centuries of wind-swept sand and battered from endless years of warfare.[1a]


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