"The last living heir of Lord Schwalb, you say? Hogwash! You're the fifth 'heir' to call this afternoon! How much did you pay for that scrap of paper? Better yet, who's the swindler what sold it to you?"
Gerold Behn, irritated butler[2a]


Charlatans are tricksters extraordinaire, cunning liars who can convince people of almost anything. With their glib tongues and ready wits they bilk the gullible out of their fortunes and escape with both the money and their lives. For a charlatan, lying is like breathing. Common charlatans are content to sell worthless miracle cures and trinkets that will supposedly ward off black magic, whereas more skilled ones fake being other professions to collect consultation fees and sell off property that they don’t own. Legendary charlatans run con schemes that try to take nobles and rich merchants for all they’re worth.[1a]

The life of the charlatan is one of constant movement–they must continually travel to avoid suspicion. Nevertheless, experienced swindlers might have ties to other unsavory sorts– a forger, for example, to make phony documents.[2a]

Many young High Elves living in the Old World take on swindling as an avocation. They are not interested in gaining human coin, but rather simply proving their superiority.[2a]


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