Von Kleit, the youngest of seven noble sons, escaped theological college to form Von Kleit's Flashpans, a regiment of pistoliers recruited from among his daredevil friends. Vain, extravagant, and renowned for the splendour of their uniforms, their lightning charges against enemy flanks won them many victories.[1a]

Marius Leitdorf, Elector Count of Averland, pursued a campaign into the Border Princes in retaliation for cattle raids of the robber baron Heraclius Gasco. Von Kleit's Flashpans joined the expedition, and Von Kleit promised his men that the first to "beard the lion in his own den" would win the pick of the spoils. Baron Gasco's luxuriant whiskers were infamous, so, armed with pistols in one hand and barber's shears in the other, the pistoliers unleashed an attack on the enemy lines.[1a]

Cannons roared, and the valley between the armies filled with gunsmoke. The cheers of the pistoliers died in the obscuring fog. As the echoes of cannon fire died away, a single victorious roar rang from the direction of the enemy lines. Von Kleit emerged from the acrid smoke, his uniform in tatters, his horse speeding him towards the stunned baron. With a swift motion, he sheared Gasco's beard, and with a parting shot, planted a lead ball in the baron's skull.[1a]

With the demise of their leader, the opposition retreated, but not before a marksman shot Von Kleit as he returned to the cheering Imperial lines. He fell clutching his trophy, a smile of triumph still on his face.[1a]


  • The title may be a reference to the real world Charge of the Light Brigade.


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