"Is there one single greater threat to civilisation than these savages? Physically powerful, armed and armoured with both steel and sorcery, filled with evil intent. Are they even Human? All the evidence is that they are not; rather, these creatures are spontaneously generated deep within the Pits of Chaos in the Icy Wastes north of Norsca, born from the cosmic flux of creation that is primal Chaos..."
Albrecht Kinear, Professor Emeritus at the University of Nuln[2a]
Chaos Warrior

A Chaos Warrior who has forsaken his soul for a chance at achieving ultimate power.

Chaos Warriors are evil Men who have chosen to forsake their former lives and give themselves wholly to the service of Chaos to become instruments of destruction.

Many, but not all, come from the ranks of the Northmen tribes that inhabit the Chaos Wastes in the northern regions of the Old World.


"Yet despite the momentum of their attack, the Elves were soon hard-pressed. Every Chaos Warrior was a purebred killer, his strength and capacity for slaughter augmented beyond mortal ken by the unholy blessings of the Dark Gods. Against these relentless slayers, the Elves were little match. Within moments, a dozen brave Asur had been carved to bloody ruin, their elegant scale mail scant protection against the terrible power of the Chaos Warriors..."
The Reaver Knights of Ulthuan encounter the Warriors of Chaos.[5]

Amongst the Northmen of the Chaos Wastes there are those who feel the pull of Chaos stronger than others. Such gifted Men are said to tread the path of the gods, and head in search of glory, power and, ultimately immortality.[1a][3][4]

Chaos Warriors are fighters of great prowess, raised from strong Northmen stock, their skills honed over the years by constant battle amongst themselves and against other races. Their strength is infernal and their bodies are as tough as the Iron Mountains. Imbued with the power of Chaos and gifted with suits of hell-forged armour, a Chaos Warrior is equal to several battle-hardened mortal Men.[1a][3][4]

Chaos Warriors are no longer truly Human, but living weapons, honed perfectly for the bloody tasks before them. A Chaos Warrior has no need of food, drink or sleep, for he is nourished by the carnage that he wreaks. To be a Chaos Warrior means to literally exchange your Humanity for a life of constant war in the name of the Ruinous Powers and the dark promises of power and immortality they have to offer.[1a][3][4]

As a result of their transformation, Chaos Warriors occupy a highly prestigious position within both a Chaos army and the tribal societies that serve the Chaos Gods. To don Chaos Armour means that the Man is truly a great warrior amongst his peers. [1a]

Within tribal societies that worship Chaos, the most favoured tribal warriors are often gifted with a suit of hell-forged armour as a reward for their service to their chieftain. In the hierarchy of Northmen armies, Chaos Armour is often used as a clear sign of status or rank. Only the most gifted and powerful warriors are allowed to wear such armour, with the majority of Champions often donning armour of their own.[1a]

Chaos Warriors generally congregate around others of their kind, often in warbands consisting entirely of Chaos Warriors who are sent into the thickest fray as powerful elite warriors. When roused to battle, a Chaos Warrior becomes a roaring, unstoppable force.[1a]

Arrows and bolts patter from his hell-forged armour like hailstones upon a glacier as he strides into the enemy ranks. The thrusts of spear and halberd are deflected contemptuously, and the lifeblood of his foes spatters his armour as his jagged blade rises and falls.[1a]

It is said that for every Chaos Warrior that lies dead in the ground, a circle of his enemies will also lie around him as a sign or testament to their ruthless skills in combat.[1a]


  • The lore is contradictory on whether or not Chaos Warriors are permanently attached to their armour. Most sources state that it is only an occasional "gift" from the Chaos Gods, one that drives its recipient insane. Several Chaos Warriors such as Vardek Crom, Sigvald and Egil Styrbjorn have also demonstrated otherwise.


  • A Chaos Warrior in battle.
  • A Chaos Warrior armed with a vile warhorn of Nurgle.
  • A victorious Chaos Warrior .
  • A god-touched Chaos Warrior.
  • A Chaos Warrior armed with a greataxe.
  • Nurglite Chaos Warriors (Vermintide II)
  • A vile Chaos Warrior of Nurgle


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