Chaos War Mammoths

A titanic Chaos War Mammoth.[2a]

Chaos War Mammoths are a tainted and savage race of Mammoths that have been transformed by the raw and mutating powers of Chaos into beasts of destruction.


These massive creatures, whose footfalls shake the earth like thunder, are capable through sheer bulk and roused fury of demolishing buildings, trampling forests flat and crushing anything smaller than themselves into an unrecognisable, bloody smear. Although not actually evil as such, they are entirely belligerent and uncaring beasts that cut a swathe of destruction wherever they go, a factor magnified a thousand-fold by the fact that when they have young they travel in communal family herds, are fiercely territorial and respond to any other creature that manages to gather their notice by smashing it into the ground, or if it is a large enough monster in its own right, impaling it with huge tusks the size of mighty tree trunks.[1a]

To the Chaos-touched tribes of the Northern Wastes, the Mammoths are living totems of might and power - beasts who go where they will and destroy what they will, and are so considered sacred creatures in their own right, that to tribes which through fortune, sorcery, or the favour of the gods come to bring one of these creatures into the fold (for none can ever be truly tamed), great honour and fear is attached. The Mammoths roam all across the north, feeding off blasted scrubland and thorny barrens and, from the shores of the Sea of Claws to the cold wastes of K'dathi they are venerated by Norscans and Hung alike; but it is the Dolgan tribes that have historically had the most success adding the prodigious strength of the Chaos Mammoths to that of their tribes through the jealously guarded secrets of their shaman. These Chaos War Mammoths, or vraszas is the name given to them by the Dolgan, make fearsome foes in battle against which few mortals have a hope of standing firm against. The greatest warriors of the tribe ride into battle on their backs, fighting from fortified wooden platforms while others, given over to the tribe's shaman-sorcerers, carry the mighty war-altars of the Chaos Gods, held aloft and inviolable for all below to see.[1a]



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