"Chaos Trolls are highly honoured in the eyes of the Changer of the Ways, for rarely does any creature combine mutation with such natural size, power, and sheer vitality. Yes, a Chaos Giant may be larger, but a Chaos Troll is so brim-full of life and energy as to be almost impossible to kill. Knock it down, and it comes back stronger and angrier than ever. Much like Chaos itself."
Drakar Neth Shyish, the Fist of Chen, also known as Drakar the Questioner.[2a]
Chaos Troll

A Chaos Troll imbued with the corrupting powers of Chaos.

Chaos Trolls are malformed monsters whose lack of intelligence is as legendary as their great strength, as well as their unthinking ferocity and indiscriminate appetites.


All Trolls have been affected by Chaos to some extent, as their species is the result of thousands of years of warping influence from the corrupting power of the north. Those that are sometimes seen accompanying warbands of Beastmen, however, have been altered by the power of Chaos more directly.[1a]

They sport all manner of mutations, making them even more hideous than their common cousins, and the power of the Winds of Magic stokes their natural aggression and strength, turning them from mere monsters into some of the most terrible beasts in the armies of Chaos. The Troll's ability to shrug off wounds, along with its prodigious physical strength and its corrosive vomit, are all enhanced by its exposure to Chaos.[1a]

In the heat of battle, Trolls prefer to attack with their clubs or natural weapons, but if need be they will "soften up" an armoured target with a dose of vomit before laying in with the club. A group of Trolls will work together reasonably well, concentrating their devastating attacks against one or a small group of targets, but only until the first enemy is dead. At that point it is typical that at least one Troll will get distracted, starting to eat the corpse, which often distracts the others.[1a]



  • Chaos Troll with Sword and Axe (6th Edition)
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