"I'm an 'onest man, an' I tell no lies. When I wuz fight'n them Mutants up near the Brass Keep, I faced a real nasty one. Juicy I"d say. A clear fluid dripped from 'is nose and eyes. 'Ee ev'n dribbled from 'is chin. Well, I shoved me pike through 'is middle, and 'ee died badly... all weepin' and cryin'. Or at least tha's wot I thought. But all tha' runny stuff poured outta 'im, spilling on the ground, making some new thing. Sigmar's Sausage, I ran. Fast. Stuff like that jes ain't right."
Hans, Pikeman.[1a]
"What is generally called Chaos Slime is an unusual phenomenon amongst certain Mutants. From my research, it seems these individuals gain an extra humour that swiftly devours all others in the body until only a pale, thin ichor remains. The body continues to produce this substance at an alarming rate, until the mortal form can no longer contain it. Then it breaks free and oozes along the ground. Do not be deceived by its form; these "slimes" retain something of their intelligence. Some theorise that Amoeba originate from these Mutants."
Reinholt Schent, Scholar of the Fantastic.


No one knows for certain where Chaos Slime comes from. Some theorists suggest it is residue left once a Daemon is destroyed. Others claim the substance comes from Mutants overwhelmed with corruption. Whatever the case may be, Chaos Slime is rare in the Empire, as it is generally only found in the Troll Country and Chaos Wastes. Reports of the substance also occasionally filter out from Praag.[1a]

A Chaos Slime looks like a puddle of light pink or blue fluid. When a living creature untainted by Chaos comes within 4 yards (2 squares) it suddenly comes to life, lashing out with a tendril of slime. Survivors of encounters with these things rarely emerge unscathed.[1a]


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