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"Lost and done. Our empire is no more, lost in the sands, trampled by insects. Ours is the long slow fade to quiet. Ironic for we whose voices once shook the mountains’ roots. Not many left to mourn our passing now, not that you scurrying parasites would bother. Of course we turn to drink... or to the darkness in the North. Both are ways of forgetting what we’ve lost."
Amorgbrandion, Giant Raider.[2a]

A Chaos Giant hunting down a host of Knights.

Chaos Giants are twisted, monstrous humanoids that have diverged from the rest of the Giant race and become warped into a creature that possess a greater prodigious appetite for violence. They are single-minded engines of destruction, as dedicated to murder and mayhem as Champions of Chaos themselves.


Chaos Giants are most often encountered in the far north of the world, being fond of the cold, rocky climes, and many find themselves in service to a warband, either for their fill of fresh meat and strong alcohol, or for the promise of slaughter and battle. A swearing, bellowing monstrosity that revels in displays of immense strength, a Chaos Giant is only content when it is crushing people beneath its enormous cloven hooves or smashing a battle line apart single-handedly.[1a]

Chaos Giants are instinctively drawn to those who bear the favour of the Dark Gods, perhaps because the corpses are always thick on the ground in the company of such individuals. A Chaos Giant has the intelligence to recognise friend from foe, but little else, and it certainly has no real concept of obeying the orders of anything smaller than itself. Things such as tactics and strategy just confuse a Giant, who goes to battle primarily to kill and to feed. When a Chaos Giant has ploughed into the enemy ranks, it is as likely to grab a foe and store him somewhere for a later meal as it is to lay about itself with a jagged menhir or massive blade-studded tree trunk. Regardless of its whim, a Chaos Giant’s attacks are always devastating.[1a]



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