"I watched as the Furies picked over the corpse, squabbling in harsh tongues as they argued over the juiciest morsels from the feast."
—Liber Malefic[1a]
Warhammer Chaos Furies

A Chaos Fury searching for his next prey

Chaos Furies are yowling shards of malevolent energy - Chaos in its purest form. With little in the way of intelligence, Furies are utterly subservient to the whims of the Dark Gods, and shift in aspect and power as the balance of the dark pantheon alters. They are easily subjugated by other Daemons, whom they regard with a mix of dread and awe. Furies swarm at the edges of the battle, avoiding the thickest fighting if they can. Only when they sight a vulnerable victim do the Furies descend, a wailing mass from which there can be no escape. The only true defence against such an attack is to stand your ground, fending the Daemons off until the magic that binds them to the mortal plane fades away.[1a]

These winged Daemons are not associated with any one particular Chaos God. Since they lack the power of a particular Ruinous Power behind them, they are among the weakest of the Lesser Daemons, though more than a match for most mortals. Cowards, Chaos Furies fight battles in which they have the decided advantage, picking off isolated individuals. They are also cruel, so when they have a victim, they like to toy with it first, ripping at the flesh just enough to inspire fear and set it running where they follow for a while. Once they’ve tired of the sport, they kill their prey in the most painful manner they can devise.[2a]

Furies are fierce creatures with great, leathery wings. Their faces have more in common with Dragons than they do with humans, as they are twisted into snarling visages full of sharp angles and wicked fangs set beneath searching, feral, red eyes. They haunt forlorn places, always searching for lone or injured travellers. It’s believed they infest the mountains all over the Empire, and they harass and destroy caravans laden with arms and supplies.[2a]


  • 6th~7th Edition (Black Skin)
  • 6th~7th Edition (Black Skin)
  • 6th~7th Edition (Red Skin)
  • 6th~7th Edition (Red Skin)


  • Warhammer : Mark of Chaos (Concept Art)
  • 6th Edition Art
  • 7th Edition Art (Colorized)
  • Old Art

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