There are two types of Chaos Fleet: a Plaguefleet, which combines ships of the four major Chaos Powers, Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Nurgle; and an experienced Chaos Champion's fleet, aligned to a single Chaos Power.[1a]


Within the Sea of Chaos, Chaos Fleets constantly fight one another to gain superiority. The overall winner of these bloody battles often leads the surviving vessels to ravage the Known World, combining the remaining ships into an awesome Plaguefleet against which none can stand.[1a]

A Plaguefleet is very different from any other nation's fleet. Where other races usually have a few Men O' War chosen from a small range, a Plaguefleet has a much larger number of Men O' War, all very different from one another.[1a]

Each Man O' War in a Plaguefleet reflects the warped nature of its patron Chaos Power. Bloodship, for instance, are well suited to bloody boarding actions, while Great Winged Terrors are magical vessels that float above the waves. This makes a Plaguefleet a very difficult foe, as it has a wide range of tactical options available at any point in the battle.[1a]

Other Chaos Fleets

It is sometimes the case that a fleet of a single Chaos Power sails forth from the Sea of Chaos. Such a fleet is usually commanded by an experienced Chaos Lord, who either scorns the other Chaos Powers and who will fight them as readily as anyone else, or has been rewarded with a complete fleet largely loyal to one Power.[1a]

When a Chaos Lord can no longer find an equal in the Seas of Chaos, he may sail forth to do battle with the fleets of the Known World. Such a warrior will command a fleet loyal to his patron Power, be that Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch or Nurgle.[1a]



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