Warhammer Blunderbuss

A Chaos Dwarf equipped with Blunderbuss

Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss are one of the most destructive hand-held firearms in the known world. Chaos Dwarfs generally fight with one of two weapons, both equally destructive in their own way. The first is the double-handed axe, a short-hafted weapon with a heavy metal blade which can crack open armour and cleave a foe in two. The second is the blunderbuss, a short ranged weapon of devastating effect. The blunderbuss uses a gunpowder charge to fire shards of spiked iron at the enemy, although it can also fire hot coals, lead shot, pieces of scrap metal, and even stones if need be. The weapon is so robustly made that it can be loaded with far more powder and shot than a simple handgun, and its effect is quite different.[1a]

When a blunderbuss regiment fires a volley the whole zone to its front is filled with spinning razor-sharp pieces of iron which spread out covering a broad front. As the enemies are hit and slain, more slicing metal ploughs into the ranks behind, causing untold devastation to all foes unfortunate enough to be close. Blunderbusses have only a very short range, as all the energy of the shot is dispersed over a short distance, but within this range they are deadly.[1a]

The blunderbuss-armed Chaos Dwarf Warriors are also ferocious hand-to-hand fighters. Their preferred tactic is to give their enemy a single blast and follow up by charging into close combat.[1a]


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