"It’s whispered amongst the Northern tribes that somewhere in the icy peaks, there are Dragons, but not the ones of legend. These are the mutant spawn of Galrauch, the ancient Dragon who was corrupted by Tzeentch. The Chaos Dragons are thankfully rare and content to spend the eons buried in their lairs, brimming with hatred and plotting the destruction of all that lives. But when the Dark Gods call, not even these monsters can resist the urge to wage war for the Ruinous Powers. But they are fickle creatures, quick to turn on their allies should it give them the advantage."
Reinholt Schent, Scholar of the Fantastic.[1a]
Chaos dragon

A Chaos Dragon dimly resembles its uncorrupted kin. It has a massive bloated body that splits into two long trunk-like necks that end in heads of horns and fangs. One head smokes with the fires that burn in its gullet, whilst the other sends plumes of acidic gasses into the air to scorch the land. Thick scales cover the body in places, but in others, its organs and muscles are revealed, pumping the corruption through a system of exposed veins and arteries. Its fiery heart beats within, sending showers of sparks onto the ground as it passes.[1a]


Once the proud and noble rulers of the skies, now split, twisted and corrupted by the forces of change, the terrible two-headed Chaos Dragons are nightmarish and malevolent predators. Borne aloft on wings no longer made for mere flesh and bone, but of black sorcery and the will of Dark Gods made manifest, a Chaos Dragon is a terrifying nemesis to all order and sanity. They are wicked and fickle creatures, possessing every bit as much malevolent delight in destruction and treachery as their creator, the great and devious god Tzeentch. Even a single Chaos Dragon can put an entire army to flight, incinerating its enemies with bursts of dragonflame, choking them with clouds of noxious black vapor, or shredding them with its massive teeth and claws.[2a]

It is said that Chaos Dragons see themselves as wholly distinct from Tzeentch's mortal followers. Indeed, they hold Dragonkind to be the Dark God's true servants in the mortal world, for men have ever been quick to change their allegiance over the centuries. No two Chaos Dragons are exactly the same, for the gifts of Chaos affected each in subtly different ways. Some have their organs and bones on display, blood vessels pulsing and pounding through a sheath of invisible flesh. Others are covered in spikes, horns and knobby protrusions, or have skin crawling with the stuff of corruption itself. Truly each Chaos Dragon is a piece of obscene living sculpture, and a facet of Tzeentch's unknowable splendor.[2a]

Although it is a rare (and often calamitous) event to see a Chaos Dragon far from the Northern Wastes, the beasts are drawn to storms of magic and have a preternatural ability to turn up when such tempests strike. Many wizards who bind a Chaos Dragon often feel as if the beast is not truly spellbound, but rather obeying to suit their own whims.[2a]


Infamous Chaos Dragons


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