"“I harbour a special hatred of cultists, see. Mutants... disgusting things, true, but in most cases their affliction is through no fault of their own, see. No, cultists are special. See, we all have a choice in this world, ya see? We can stand in the light of Sigmar, embrace the Old Ways, or do whatever we have to do to stay out of a pyre. But them cultists, they don’t care, see? They hate the true Gods and follow the easy path of the false ones, see? That’s why we kill ‘em, see?"
Rudolf, Witch Hunter Bodyguard[1a]

Cultist of Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways

Chaos Cultist are the members of a horrific secretive organization that seeks to topple and ruin the lands of Mankind. There is no overarching characteristic to set these corrupted men and women apart from the rest of the Sigmar-fearing citizens. No, cultists are drawn from all walks of life, pulled into the machinations of these destructive societies out of ignorance, curiosity, or frustration. Whether through promises of power, satiation of lusts, or a desperate desire for revenge, these people find hope and meaning within these groups. Strangely, most members are not aware of their affiliation. They may think they are part of a warrior fraternity, or collections of intellectuals, but few suspect being involved in the worship of a Dark God. In fact, they lead normal lives, and are perhaps even well-respected members of their communities, holding positions of responsibility and safeguarding their people from outside threats. But regardless of their outward actions, these clandestine cultists are loyal to their group, and as they sink deeper and deeper into corruption, they accept the darkness for what it is.[1b]

But why? Why would any mortal, especially in a land as devout as the Empire, give up his immortal soul? Surely, the punishments meted out by Witch Hunters should be enough of a deterrent to keep most people safely in the realm of Sigmar’s grace, right? There are many reasons why mortals turn to the Dark Gods. Idleness, curiosity, ambition, lust, and even despair can all turn a mortal from the path of salvation to the path of ruin. Motives run the gamut and what might appeal to one man may repulse another.[1b]


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