Not to be confused with Storms of Magic.

The weather is unpredictable enough, but the Winds of Chaos sometimes make it horrible and capricious beyond compare. During times when the veil between the Old World and the Realm of Chaos is thin, the weather often heralds terrible times ahead. Change Storms are bizarre manifestations of Chaos in the form of dangerous winds, disgusting rain, and stranger things.[1a]

Change Storms are most common in the Chaos Wastes, though strange weather sometimes appears in every part of the Old World. Unholy sites (particularly around Monoliths, tombs, or the Temples of Chaos Gods) sometimes assist in manifesting these storms. When they do occur, these conditions last between one to ten minutes and typically cover an area up to a mile in diameter with the effects described below.[1a]

  • Acidic Precipitation - The sky breaks open, pouring down a torrent of thick, oily rain, snow, or sleet that burns whatever it touches.[1a]
  • Reverse Temperature - The temperature in the area switches suddenly to the opposite of what is normal. For example, if the Storm occurs during the middle of summer, the temperature drops below freezing and starts snowing. If the Storm occurs in the winter, the temperature rises to a scorching summer heat. If the temperature is moderate, there is a fifty-percent chance of either effect occurring.[1a]
  • Wind of Madness - Powerful, mind-shattering and soul-rending winds tumble out from the north, scouring the land and driving all mad who hear them.[1a]
  • Rain of Creatures - A shower of tiny creatures, typically frogs, fish, foetal pigs, and the like, suddenly spills down on the area. Most of the creatures are dead on landing, but some survive and slowly limp about until they expire. Anyone unwise enough to closely examine any of the creatures finds them rotted, deformed, and rife with mutations.[1a]
  • Hail of Fire - A powerful storm of flaming hail bombards the area.[1a]
  • Rain of Blood - A torrent of tainted blood rains down from diseased, crimson clouds. Anyone exposed to this rain risks contracting ailments such as the Bloody Flux or the Green Pox.[1b]
  • Aethyric Wind - What begins as a light gust filled with motes of multi-coloured lights picks up speed and becomes a gale carrying the raw stuff of Chaos and the threat of mutation.[1b]


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