The Champion of Light is a figure extrapolated by Professor Frederich Weirde of Altdorf from the writings of Hieronymus of Nuln.[1a]

The Champion of Light is said to have a connection to the Twin-Tailed Comet.[1a] Furthermore, he is destined to face the champion of all four Chaos Gods, the Everchosen. He is infused with the power of divinity just as the Everchosen carries the blessing of the Ruinous Powers and the two are destined to battle each other.[1a]

Possible Champions of Light

  • Alcadizaar, last living king of Nehekhara. The Twin-Tailed Comet appeared before he conducted his campaign against Lahmia, ending the tyranny of vampirism. No connection to an Everchosen is stated, but Alcadizaar battled against the Arch-necromancer Nagash.
  • Tehenhauin, Skink Prophet of Sotek. The Twin-Tailed Comet heralded the arrival of the Serpent God, as whose prophet Tehenhauin mobilized the Skinks to drive out the Skaven from Clan Pestilens in Lustria. No connection to an Everchosen is stated, but the Skaven were defeated permanently and Sotek was accepted as a part of the pantheon of the Lizardmen.
  • Magnus the Pious - Reuniter of the Imperial crown after the Age of Three Emperors and restorer of the Empire. The Twin-Tailed Comet appeared before he conducted his campaign to reunite the Empire. Defeated the army of Everchosen Asavar Kul, although sources differ if he defeated him in battle or Asavar was stabbed in the back by lieutenants.
  • Valten - Human blacksmith believed to have been an incarnation of Sigmar. The Twin-Tailed Comet appeared when he was found by Sigmarite preacher Luthor Huss and he carried a birthmark in the same shape. Said to have been destined to face Everchosen Archaon during the Storm of Chaos.


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