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The Champion's Feast is a tradition held among Beastmen where, should their leader fall, the entire herd comes together to mourn his passage in a raucous feast with dancing and debauchery. If the fallen Champion was particularly famous, other Warherds may attend in his honour.[1a]

Every Champion's body is eaten by their most loyal followers, leaving the most tender and choicest bits for the eldest and the most-favoured advisors. If the new Champion was the old one's follower, he takes the heart to devour in one gulp, all to the roars of approval from the gathered host. The Beastmen believe a warrior's essence is in his heart, and by devouring the heart of an old Champion, the wisdom and power passes on to his successor.[1a]

The Champion's Feast is a great tradition among the herds, so they are careful to recover the body of fallen leaders. Should the body be utterly destroyed, or otherwise unrecoverable, it is viewed as a bad omen worthy enough to consult the Warherd's Bray-Shaman for guidance.[1a]


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