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"By my honour, I will not yield!"
Anonymous Champion.[20]

A Champion.

Champions are warriors who dedicate their lives to martial combat, excelling as no others on the field of battle.


Champions are not necessarily leaders of men, but as individual combatants they are peerless. They live for the moments when their skills are tested to the utmost, for only then do they truly know just how good they are. Many Champions serve in armies, warbands, and martial orders, though others wander the Empire, selling their formidable skills to the highest bidder. Their weapons are inevitably among the finest to be had in the Old World.[1a]

The Search for Glory

In the long months of winter when armies must be barracked, or during the rare times when the Empire’s borders enjoy peace, it is common for the Champion of a regiment to request leave to wander the lands in search of opportunities to test his mettle. Each day spent enduring the monotony of camp or meaningless drills is a day where his prowess is wasted. The Champion’s commander usually grants this request, knowing that the Champion will return to duty when needed. A wise leader knows it is better for a Champion to put his fighting abilities to the test elsewhere than turn them against his fellow soldiers in frustration.[20]

A wandering Champion will seize any chance to increase his renown, whether it is dispatching a marauding Goblin warband or slaying a terrorising Minotaur in its forest lair. Accruing money is secondary to attaining glory, and a Champion will often lend his sword-arm to a worthy cause for no reward. For him, it is enough that his deeds will be immortalised in story and song. The dream of the Champion is to not die old and rich, but fall with his bloodied sword in hand, dead enemies at his feet, and his deeds crowned with honour.[20]

Regimental Champions

Amongst the many armies of the Warhammer World, regiments are often accompanied by a single, battle-hardened Champion. They are elite fighters, invariably skilled and tough, as their comrades look up to them and take great pride in their prowess. Each possesses a different title depending on the army and unit they fight for;

The Empire

  • Wolf Brothers fight alongside regiments of Wolf-Kin.[5]



  • Kossar Champions fight alongside regiments of Kossars.[4]

Warriors of Chaos

  • Chosen Champions may fight alongside regiments of Chosen.[19]

Daemons of Chaos

  • Bloodreapers, also known as Bloodhowlers, fight alongside regiments of Bloodletters.[23]

Vampire Counts

Tomb Kings

  • Ushabti Ancients fight alongside regiments of Ushabti.[14]


  • Old Guard, also known as Greatbeards, fight alongside regiments of Longbeards.[10]
  • Keepers of the Gate, also known as Gate Keepers, fight alongside regiments of Hammerers.[10]

Chaos Dwarfs

High Elves

Wood Elves

  • Eternal Wardens, also known as Guardians, fight alongside regiments of Eternal Guard.[12]
  • Glade Knights, also known as Horsemasters, fight alongside regiments of Glade Riders.[12]
  • Waywatcher Sentinels, also known as Shadow Sentinels, fight alongside regiments of Waywatchers.[12]
  • Branch Nymphs fight alongside regiments of Dryads.[12]

Dark Elves

  • Bloodshades fight alongside regiments of Shades.[13]


  • Skink Braves fight alongside regiments of Skinks.[16]


  • Rat Leaders fight alongside regiments of Rat Riders.
  • Master-Bred Rat Ogres fight alongside regiments of Rat Ogres.[8]


  • Foe-Renders fight alongside regiments of Gors.[17]

Ogre Kingdoms


  • Goblin Bosses fight alonside regiments of Goblins.[9]

Famous Champions

  • Estrebert - A zealous Battle Pilgrim and unquestioned leader of the Grail Pilgrims of Sir Letour.


  • On Tabletop, Regimental Champions served as elite units that could be fielded within a regiment, often at the cost of extra points. With the advent of Total War: Warhammer, several Champion units have been introduced as either full, elite regiments or as individual heroes, likely for the purpose of expanding faction rosters. These units include the Kroxigor Ancient, Marauder Chieftain, Giant Slayer, Shadow-Walker and more.




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