Chakax, the Eternal Warden, is the greatest of the living Saurus Temple-Guards of the city of Xlanhuapec, the City of Mist.


Very few warriors will ever prove worthy enough to protect a Slann Mage-Priest at his most vulnerable moments — when he meditates in his Eternity Chamber. Those few Saurus Temple Guard who earn such honours are given the sacred rank of Eternity Warden. In the temple-city of his birth, it is Chakax who bears the title and responsibility of Eternity Warden. This stalwart Temple Guard has defended the Mage-Priests of the City of Mists, in their seclusion and in battle, for millennia. Only the most powerful of the Slann are allowed to contemplate from Xlanhuapec’s secluded Eternity Chamber and when they retire to its tranquil composure, it is Chakax alone who is entrusted to watch over them. He has been known to maintain his vigil for many centuries at a time.[1a]

Chakax is the eldest of the ancient city’s Temple Guard. He has never yielded in his task and has butchered whole regiments of foes that have dared attempt to kill his charges. Each sweep of his heavy Star-stone Mace leaves a trail of devastation in its wake. As the last line of defence between an assassin’s blade and the Mage-Priest he is charged with defending, Chakax’s skills as a bodyguard are commensurate with his age. Not a single Slann under his special protection has died to an enemy blow, and he has become an expert at discerning the most covert of threats and then flattening them with a mighty two-handed swing.[1a]


  • The Star-stone Mace: This massive, double-handed mace was crafted before the founding of the first temple-city, and its stone was not quarried upon this world. The star-stone itself has the rare property of rendering magical enchantments inert.[1a]
  • The Helm of the Prime Guardian: Chakax wears a massive skull-helm that belonged to the first of all the Temple Guard, the Guardian of Origins. The spirit of the long-dead Saurus lingers on and heightens the bearer's awareness of threats.[1a]
  • The Key to the Eternity Chamber: The Key to the Eternity Chamber is inlaid with intricate wards that slow the passage of time, allowing the bearer to fight at the same speed as his opponent and to dodge blows with ease.[1a]



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