Cerion Goldwing was Commander of the Eagle Gate for three decades. Tall and clad in a simple tunic the colour of an autumn meadow over a thin coat of ithilmar, Cerion was a stately figure of an elf. His features were drawn, having once been handsome, a Dark Elf blade having taken his left eye nearly a century ago. When the blade of another snapped, the spinning shards left a scar that ran across his temple and over the bridge of his nose.[1a]

Cerion had the warm respect of his warriors, despite no attempt at being liked. Earned from being a warrior of proven courage and strategic skill, as well as a willingness to share the hardships endured by those under his command.[1a]

In his youth, he spent time in the court of Everqueen Alarielle, partaking in the indulgent lifestyle practiced beneath the boughs of her forest realm. Yet even in the present day, he is wise enough to know when to apply military law with an iron hand and when to to let it bend like a reed in the wind, understanding how competitions within the garrison can help boost morale and strengthen the bonds between his warriors. He's noted how his second-in-command, Glorien Truecrown, does not appreciate such things.[1a]


  • At one point, many years ago, Cerion rode multiple times with Ellyrian Reavers across the plains of said-kingdom.[1b]
  • During his time commanding Eagle Gate, Cerion's office was notably furnished with a desk, and a fine, ellemyn-wood drinks cabinet siting against the opposite wall, said-cabinet having exquisitely crafted lattice doors, a copper goblet, and a crystal decanter of silvery Sapherian wine made from grapes grown on a strain of vine created by Anurion the Green.[1b]


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