"Forged from the other world, six treasures shall he possess. Upon his head the crown shall see all, and open eye will prove woe to mortal kind. Then shall he ride unto the world. Here will four be united into one. And five shall be the armies of doom. Then will the world know that the last war has begun. With the coming of doom will march a lowly boy. Anger shall be his nourishment and blood his wine. And from the land tamed will rise a champion. Disease shall be his downfall and saviour divine. A king’s son shall be the chosen. In power will he thrive and glory in his name. And with the coming of the end times, the old will fall by the hand of the new."
Taken from the Celestine Book of Divination by Necrodomo the Insane[1a]

A cursory glance through this tome reveals little, and is harmless. However, any serious effort to examine the work, to piece together the curious blend of prophecy and gibberish, to sift through the meaningless nonsense to arrive at the kernels of truth, can drive a reader insane.[1c]


Believed by some to have been the very words that shattered the mind of the Templar who would become Archaon, Lord of the End Times, this corrupted journal contains the writings of a mad visionary and diviner known as Necrodomo the Insane. Most who’ve examined this work cannot report accurately as to what it contains since the contents are laid out in no particular order, with entire thoughts left off in one paragraph only to embark on explicating a new subject in the next. If there is a meaning or purpose to this tome, only the insane can truly comprehend it.[1b][1c]

Necrodomo sets out to reveal the secrets of the world, identifying the events that led to the collapse of the Chaos Gates and the subsequent doom that hangs over the world. He also makes blasphemous assertions about the Gods, interchanging them with the Dark Gods, combining them under the idea that all divine essences are nothing more than reflections of Human experience. Furthermore, it defines the patterns and goals of the Hordes of Chaos, foretelling of the end times as brought on by a Dark Champion of no compare.[1c]

As disturbing as the book is, most scholars see the volume as nothing more than the ravings of a madman and so discount it. Still, it is interesting insofar as it offers a glimpse into the beliefs and character of those who serve Chaos. It’s believed this volume remains in the Vaults beneath the Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf, though there’s suspicion that the book was stolen. The Templars are quick to quell any such rumours.[1c]


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