Celanoth the Blade is perhaps the most infamous ghost strider to inhabit the Forest of Loren. Originally apprenticed to a wizard, his renowned skill with the bow first became evident when he and his master were ambushed by a group of Orc brigands. Celanoth's arrows quickly felled all their foes. Some say that Celanoth still indeed possesses a talent for magic... it just manifests in his bow.[1a]

Celanoth shuns most inhabited places, preferring the solitude of the woods. However, the Elven warrior almost always has company. Wherever the ghost strider goes, a small cadre of foxes is certain to follow, and even wolves are known to occasionally join his company. Celanoth's is well-known for his ruby-tipped arrows. Early in his career, the ghost strider shattered a ruby amulet worn by a Chaos wizard. He took the shards of the ruby and placed them in the tips of his finest arrows, which he saves for foes he deems worthy of honor.[1a]


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