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"Northmen" is a catch-all term used to describe the Burly human races that live in and around the frigid Chaos wastes of the north.

While they are often referred to as a single group, they are actually a collection of various different cultures, with different gods and racial characteristics.

The Norscans are a race of tall, massively-built warriors who originated from the Northern Wastes, renowned for their vast physical might and skill in close-quarters combat. In ancient times, they settled the northern edges of the Reik Basin and came into contact with the tribes of the Teutogen, Unberogen, and Udoses, ancestors of the Empire. Driven back across the Sea of Claws to a frigid Chaos-ridden peninsula, they connected themselves more deeply to their Dark Gods and nursed a long, deep hatred of the Heirs of Sigmar. Devoted to the Dark Gods and deeply reverant of primal forces of blood and death, the Norscans are the very epitome of the Warriors of Chaos.

The Kurgan are a ferocious, warlike race of hardy nomads. Massively built, raven-haired, and copper-skinned, they tower a full head over even the hardiest of southern warriors and highly unlike Old Worlders in manner and appearance. As nomads, they are superior warriors both on horseback and on foot, and are greatly feared for lightning quickness of their raids and the thoroughness with which they carry out the extermination of their foes. Among the Kurgan, it is the warriors of their northernmost tribes who are the fiercest, and thus the most likely to be chosen by the Dark Gods.

The Hung are another similarly hardy and fearsome tribe of nomads, similar to the Kurgan in skill and lifestyle, albeit separated from them by expanses of impassable desert. Reputed to be among the finest horsemen in all the world, the Hung regularly harry and destroy the forces of both the Dark Elves and Cathay.

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