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"Northmen" is a catch-all term used to describe the Burly human races that live in and around the frigid Chaos wastes of the north.

While they are often referred to as a single group, they are actually a collection of various different cultures, with different gods and racial characteristics.

The Norscans are Scandinavian inspired Viking settlers who once lived in the lands of the Empire, before being driven out by Sigmar in ancient times. They are noted for their large frames, light or red hair and are famed for their sailing, raiding and Berserkers. Contrary to popular belief, the Norscans do not all worship Chaos, and those who serve the Dark Gods don't always do so directly.

The Kurgan, on the other hand, are very tall copper-skinned Scythians who originally hail from the vast Eastern Steppes and are more renowned for their Horsemen. Said to be born in the saddle, they have an entirely nomadic lifestyle and worship Chaos exclusively. The Gospodar and Ungols, who today make up the 2 key demographics of Kislev, were Kurgan in origin and fled the Eastern Steppes to escape becoming enslaved to the Dark Gods.

The Hung are a short, stout people of Cathayan ethnicity who inhabit the lands just north of the Great Bastion and Naggaroth. Separated from the Kurgan to the west of them by the Great Desert, they live similar nomadic lives, but in place of horses, they ride tough ponies more befitting their stature and barren environment. They are noted for their Hunting Dogs and Warbirds such as Eagles and Hawks.

Finally, the Tong are the most enigmatic and savage of all, appearing from the depths of the northern wastes, these hordes throw themselves upon their enemies weapons with reckless abandon. They traditionally live so far north that they are rarely seen, but when they do amass into a great horde, nothing can halt their advance and they decimate all in their wake.

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