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Templehof Sylvania map.png

This castle in Sylvania, bordering the imperial province of Stirland is located on the Southern border of the Hunger Wood, once the home of Countess Emmanuelle. A cousin of Konrad von Carstein, Emmanuelle fought against the Dwarfs during the infamous Night Siege. Dark spells swathed her fortress and its surrounds in an ever-present gloom, and for several months the Dwarfs fought in darkness, preyed upon by the minions of the Countess. Eventually, the castle was stormed and Emmanuelle slain and the Dwarfs laid runic markers upon the dreadful site to repel Dark Magic. Over recent decades, some of these wards have somehow been removed, and foul things once more stir in the southern boundaries of Hunger Wood, guided by some evil intelligence.[1a]


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