"…and Castle Rock Coaches will be here as quick as silver."
Bettina Hoch, Innkeeper[2a]

Castle Rock Coaches is one of several coaching lines that serve Middenheim, serving routes to Altdorf and the south. Beside the offices stands a large inn, called the Castle Rock, and a fully equipped coachworks and stables. The whole establishment is owned by the company, and acted as a terminus and repair depot for their Middenheim routes.[1a]

Coaches are just now starting to resume service to Altdorf, and they still suffer occasional attacks on the road by small, scattered bands of Beastmen and other creatures. To make passengers feel safer, the company is hiring guards to protect their coaches until order is restored. Anyone with coaching or military experience and the ability to handle a gun or crossbow may apply; pay is comparatively low (1 s per day, plus room and board at coaching inns along the route), but can be supplemented with tips from appreciative passengers. The guard normally rides atop the coach, beside the driver, but in areas where recent attacks have been reported, outriders may also be hired.[1a]


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