Castle Quenelles is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Quenelles


The City of Quenelles sits right on the border of the Forest of Loren. Indeed, the walls do not guard the eastern edge of the city: instead, they run up to the trees and stop. A broad stone road runs along the border of the forest. This used to be the eastern wall, but it was cut down over a thousand years ago at the command of the Fay. Pilgrims come from all over Bretonnia to stand on the road and gaze into the forest, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Fay. Some are lucky enough to do so, as the Fay keep a constant watch on the city, but most see nothing that does not come from their own imagination.[1a]

As a result of the flux of pilgrims, the eastern end of the city is the entertainment district, with many inns, taverns, and houses of ill repute. Castle Quenelles stands to the north, a surprisingly modest structure given the power of the dukedom. Rumour has that the Fay have forbidden any major expansion.[1a]

Just to the west of the eastern border road stands a Grail Chapel unique in Bretonnia. Called the Chapel of the Enchantress, its windows depict the Fay Enchantress rather than the Lady of the Lake. There are always at least two Grail Knights keeping the place, though few do the job for more than a year. Rumours speak of treasures under the chapel or claim the Fay Enchantress herself visits at least once a year.[1a]


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