Castle Lyonesse is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Lyonesse.


The ducal seat is on an island off the northwest coast of Lyonesse. The walls of the castle, built centuries ago, are washed by the sea at high tide, and small boats can sail right in to the outer courtyard. The inner courtyard is higher up and always completely dry, whilst the Great Keep stands on the very peak of the island, commanding a fine view of the bay. Duke Adalhard’s feasts can be heard across the whole island.[1a]

When the tide falls, the top of the island can be seen to resemble a motte. What is more, a causeway leads down from the main gate, disappearing into the sea. Legend states Lyonesse was originally set on a hill in the middle of the finest city in the Old World, but the sins of the city’s inhabitants drew the wrath of Manann, and the whole area was sunk beneath the waves. Only the Duke’s citadel was spared, because only the Duke had remained virtuous. Some adventurers have worked out ways to explore the seabed and claim that there are ruins down there, but that they are protected by strange creatures. A few golden items have been brought back; not enough to make an expedition worthwhile, but enough to keep people trying.[1a]

A keep of gigantic proportions, the walls of Castle Lyonesse have stood resolute in the face of the restless dead of cursed Mousillon, and have repelled more than one large-scale assault by the Dark Elven kin from across the seas. They have withstood stones hurled by catapults, have defied battering rams, and even held firm against the cannons of the Empire navy.[2]


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