Castle L'Anguille is a Fortress-City and the Ducal Capital of L'Anguille.


The site that would eventually become Castle L'Anguille was originally built by the High Elves as a great trading port known during the time of the War of the Beard as Tor Alessi. Following the exodus of the High Elves, much of the original structure has since survived the millennia. Most spectacular is the lighthouse, over three hundred feet tall and with walls so smooth that, at first glance, look like a single piece of stone. The walls of the city extend from the lighthouse, rise sixty feet above the streets, and are broad enough to ride ten abreast along the top.[1a]

Elves on their first visit invariably climb to the top of the lighthouse, and none of the lighthouse keepers would dare to stop them. The buildings within the walls, however, are all Human-made and much more recent. The oldest is the castle, built on an island in the middle of the harbour and commanding the whole channel with its siege engines. It is somewhat rundown, as the Duke has not visited in years, but the defences are kept up. However, the Brethren of the Lighthouse have taken advantage of the Duke’s absence to build four of their own watchtowers. These watchtowers are small castles, armed with cannons, and designed to give the guns the best field of fire possible. The Brethren have also installed gunnery platforms on the ends of the walls. The Castellan would complain to the Duke, but any response would come through the steward; Godemar Fitzgodric, head of the Brethren.[1a]


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