Castle Gisoreux is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Gisoreux. The city of Gisoreux is a busy place filled with traders and travellers stopping on their way along the River Grismerie. There are more Imperial merchants in Gisoreux than in any other city in Bretonnia, and it may be the only place in the world where people do not immediately think of sailors when they think of Marienburg; a number of land traders come from the Wasteland through the Gisoreux Gap. The city has fine merchant houses pressed right up against decaying slums, many of which used to be fine merchant houses. For some reason, merchant families in Gisoreux rarely maintain their prosperity for more than one generation.[1a]

The city is dominated by Castle Gisoreux, an enormous, sprawling complex that runs along a ridge in the east of the city. There is only a single curtain wall, but it is over a mile long and encloses two large keeps as well as many other buildings. Since the Duke began spending most of his time in Couronne, most of Castle Gisoreux has been closed down. Lord Hincmar, the Duke's steward, lives in one of the keeps, but the other is now deserted. The area of the city nearest the castle is reserved for the town houses of the nobility. There is quite a lot of empty space here, as the city has never attracted nobles in the numbers one would expect. Gisoren lords seem to prefer the countryside.[1a]

The city has been much fought over by warring armies. The Empire of Man the Undead, Orcs, and Skaven have all attempted to conquer Castle Gisoreux, but none have ever managed to overthrow its valiant knights.[2]


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