Not to be confused with Castle Drakenhof.

Castle Drachenfels

Like the twisted talon of a malformed claw, the seven towers of Castle Drachenfels clutch at the sky in a gesture of malevolence and spite. Each of its misshapen turrets is festooned with windows, resembling eyes without number, alert to the arrival of any traveller unlucky — or unwise — enough to stumble upon the lair of the Great Enchanter, Constant Drachenfels.[1a]

Drachenfels — a mythically powerful sorcerer, necromancer, and daemonologist — has tormented mankind since before the time of the Empire; already ancient when he suffered his first great defeat at the hands of Sigmar Heldenhammer, he has returned time and again to his haunt in the Grey Mountains, like a festering wound that refuses to heal. Rumours abound that the seemingly quiescent ruins, mostly reduced to rubble and long forsaken, are less abandoned than they appear...[1a]


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