Castle Carcassonne is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Carcassonne. Castle Carcassonne stands on an island surrounded by the River Songez, the westernmost of the tributaries of the River Brienne that lie wholly within the dukedom. The attached town is small and exists to provide services to the large number of “shepherd” companies who come to the castle to take jobs with the Duke.[1a]

As a result, it is a very rough place. The Castle itself is designed to be defensible but acts primarily as a base camp. The Duke would not fall back here to prepare for a siege; rather, he would harry invading armies whilst slowly falling back to the Brienne. There is only a single curtain wall, which encloses a large mustering area, and the keep is very small. The Duke lives in a complex of buildings that are less defensible but much more comfortable.[1a]


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